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Wimbledon Cleaning Company extends all window cleaning services into the neighbouring area of Putney, where we have an excellent local reputation. Whether you are using us for domestic window cleaning or work on a commercial property, we provide a customer-led and reliable service delivered by our own fully trained and experienced window cleaners.

What Makes Us Different?


And, if you’re looking for a company in Putney which provides something above the level of service typically associated with a window cleaner, you’re definitely in the right place. Conservatory cleaning is a specialist service for our company – both inside and out – and we also cover the Putney area with patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and gutter cleaning work. Below, we answer your questions on our full service range:

Are your window cleaning services only available for houses?

No. We can clean up to a height of 60m using water-fed poles. We do advise customers in Putney, however, that we work on nothing smaller than two-bedroomed semi-detached properties. This makes our window cleaning services more cost-effective for ourselves and for our customers, who can typically expect to pay around £15 per fortnight for our services.

Why do your window cleaners use the Pure Water system?

An average of 7 window cleaners die in the UK each year so our industry is more tightly regulated than ever before. ‘Reach and Wash’ systems have made it safer for companies like our own, and every window cleaner working for us in the Putney area is fully trained in the use of the Pure Water system. The majority of our work takes place at ground level.

Do you provide domestic window cleaning and commercial window cleaning services?

Yes. While we are more accustomed to domestic window cleaning, commercial services are available throughout Putney. We think it’s important for local businesses to have kerb appeal, just the same as residential properties. By covering both ends of the sector, we maintain a loyal and satisfied customer base which uses us on a repeat basis.

Are conservatory cleaning services available?

Yes. We clean conservatories inside and out to ensure glass panes are clear of dirt, grime, seasonal and storm debris. This is a safe procedure because, just like our window cleaning services in Putney, our conservatory cleaning work takes place at ground level. Our team also cleans uPVC framework and all surrounding parts of the installation.

Why should I consider gutter cleaning services?

The build-up of storm or winter debris, and even the presence of nesting birds, can place strain on the guttering system. Eventually, the drainage system fails under pressure and this results in leaks. Regular gutter cleaning, just twice a year, is an excellent preventative measure which helps Putney property owners save money on potential repairs.

Are your driveway cleaning and patio cleaning services effective?

Absolutely! The treatments we use for driveway cleaning and patio cleaning work in Putney are free from chemicals, so our services are safe for use around children and pets. The additional use of high-pressure jet washing equipment leaves driveways and patios clear from dirt, debris and stains. Our systems never damage the driveway or the patio surface.

If you have any further questions about our window cleaning services in Putney, call Wimbledon Cleaning Company now on 07732 639665.